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Trinity River

The Trinity River is the longest tributary of the Klamath River.  A very scenic river, the Trinity River also offers a strong run of Steelhead, providing for a longer season and more action.  In 1981 the United states Congress designated the entire river down stream of the Lewiston Dam to it’s confluence with the Klamath as “The Trinity Wild & Scenic River”.  The Trinity River produces larger fish than the Klamath River with average weights of 4-6 pounds.  On our guided trips the largest client fish to be netted was 36.5 inches, roughly 14-15 pounds.  As a professional fishing guide I drift the Trinity River frequently.  Areas I focus on  include down stream of the historic Lewiston Bridge to the confluence with the North-Fork of the Trinity River; Approximately 30 miles.  You can read more about the Trinity River here.

Fishing is best on the Trinity River between mid October through February.

Lower Sacramento River

The Lower Sac. is a fabulous tail water!  Trout fishing can be exceptional, with an occasional Steelhead hook-up in the fall and winter. There can be great bug activity on warm winter days, with Caddis hatches in the late spring.   This river is truly a blue ribbon tail water!  I spend most of my time guiding the lower Sacramento from Keswick Dam to Red Bluff.
Best fishing times are in October and then again in February through May.

Klamath River

Beginning in Oregon and flowing into Northern California, the Klamath offers fly-anglers a unique fishing experience.  I focus on the area from Iron Gate Dam (Which may be removed) to I-5 bridge near Hornbrook.  The Klamath is a very scenic river with long runs and nice riffles.  Most Steelhead on the Klamath are half pounders with the occasional adult reaching 6-8 pounds.

The most productive fishing is between mid October through December.

Feather River

Located near Orville, California.  The Feather River is a principle tributary to the Sacramento River.  While the Feather River is not the most scenic river we fish, it can be productive.  Catching mostly half-pounders these Steelhead can grow to be hawgs, weighing in at 8-10 pounds.

The best fishing on the Feather River is between Mid October through November.



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